Dungeons and Dragons

4 May 2020 chris 1

The internet is full of strange and arcane terms for fairly boring, mundane things. Don’t be fooled – we are all just nerds trying to […]

The ABCs of SEO

4 May 2020 chris 0

A + B + C = SEO? Google says that there are thousands of different “ranking factors” that affect where your website appears in their […]

Image ALT Tags

4 May 2020 chris 0

When you add an image to a page on your website, you can also add an “alt” property to the image. Many people call this […]

www vs. non-www Domains

4 May 2020 chris 0

Do you know the difference between a domain and a sub-domain? mysite.com is a domain. www.mysite.com is actually a subdomain. It’s the www. that makes […]