Monkeys with Machineguns

Critically acclaimed artist Stuart “Stu.Art” Tipples and writer Chris Lynch are the core creative team of comic-creating studio Monkeys with Machineguns. As well as publishing their own horror comics and anthologies, they have worked with leading UK and US indie comic studios such as Arcana, Metaverse, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, 2026 Books, Accent UK, Something Wicked, The Sorrow, The Mad Scientist Journal, KZine, Wilde Times, Another Realm, Midnight Hour, and Insomnia Publications. Their multi-faceted comics career has also led to chance encounters with artists and creators who would go on to become leading lights in the comics industry such as Nicola Scott and Christian Ward.

Their comics career highlight to date was when their short story “Lights Out” was published in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

After working together on “Lights Out”, Chris went on to create the graphic novel “The Dark”, working with US-based artist Rick Lundeen, which was published by Markosia. Referred to as “The Punisher Meets Vanilla Sky” by SFX and highly rated by a number of comics reviewers, The Dark was selected by Sony as a flagship release for their online comics service for the Playstation Portable. meanwhile created the ten story anthology “10thology” which sold in record numbers at comic conventions and brought together new creative teams as well as reuniting Chris and to create the character of “Scorp” in the story “Blood Brothers”.