Google Analytics

6 May 2020 chris 0

The king of analytical software and something no website should be without. Completely free, extremely easy to implement, there is no excuse for not having […]

Google Search Console

6 May 2020 chris 0

Google Search Console is like Google Analytics’ less popular, nerdier cousin. Instead of telling you what is happening on your website, it tells you what […]

Google My Business

6 May 2020 chris 0

An increasing number of searches are local – a trend that has only been growing since the mobile internet and smartphones came to prominence. Today, […]

The Rules of SEO

4 May 2020 chris 0

RULE 1: If you can automate it, it’s probably SPAM Google believes in a “human-generated” internet. Any content, link, or page generated by a machine […]

Dungeons and Dragons

4 May 2020 chris 1

The internet is full of strange and arcane terms for fairly boring, mundane things. Don’t be fooled – we are all just nerds trying to […]

The ABCs of SEO

4 May 2020 chris 0

A + B + C = SEO? Google says that there are thousands of different “ranking factors” that affect where your website appears in their […]